There are just three steps you need to take to ensure your web site succeeds. If you follow these three steps your web site will get visitors who come back time and time again. Plus you'll get noticed by the search engines - and you'll be able to earn money from your web site.

One constant theme that emerges from the most successful businesses and organizations is simplicity. Keep things simple and you will succeed. Try to do too much, or complicate things and you'll more than likely fail. So, the three step process for Internet success is simple, making it much more likely that you will succeed.

Focus. Decide precisely what your web site will be about. For instance, say your interest is in cars. If you produce a web site about cars, you'll be competing against millions of others and you'll not get noticed. Narrow down your focus to something specific - perhaps something like "the history of the design of Italian cars". The more specific your theme, the better. Don't try to do too much - a single narrow theme is what you need for success. If you want to cover a broad subject, break it down into several narrow themes for separate web sites.

Content. Fill your site with content. The information you provide needs to be focused directly on your theme. You may need to write the main pages yourself, but there will be articles you can use from ezine directories and from private label sites that will help you fill out your web site. The more content you add, the better. Plus, be sure to add articles and information to your site every week. That will get people coming back to your site and it will also make sure the search engines notice you.

Links. Get links from other sites, but don't try to get links from just anyone. Instead, get links from relevant sites. In our example this would be other car sites, or sites on aspects of Italian history. A link from a friend's site on another subject is of no value. So, search the web for web sites that are relevant to your interest and then ask the webmasters to link to your site, in return for providing a link to them on your site.

With these three steps you are assured of online success. That's because these are the key steps taken by all of the most successful sites you encounter.

One other thing, by adding in Google AdSense elements to your pages your web site will generate cash for you. The more content rich and highly focused your site, the better the response you'll get to the adverts you carry. And that means more money paid to you by Google
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